On November 22, 2016, Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota (CEIMN) completed its 6th nonpartisan observation of the post-election audits of Minnesota's voting equipment.  

Commentary by Mark Halvorson
Oct. 24, 2016

Rigged? Fraudulent? Excuse me, but as Donald Trump might interject: “Wrong!”

Rigged? Fraudulent? Excuse me, but as Donald Trump might interject: “Wrong!”

Recounts—Improving state laws
Testimony Presented by Mark Halvorson, Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota

Recounts serve an important purpose in our democracy. Foremost, properly conducted recounts assure candidates and the public that in a close election there has been a fair examination of the procedures and an accurate count of all legally cast votes.

Recounts can also help us improve election systems. Any shortcomings in our voting equipment, ballot design, and ballot processing are revealed by the scrutiny of a recount.

CEIMN Releases New "Recount Principles and Best Practices"
By Doug Chapin
Feb. 7, 2014

This document addresses a wide range of recount topics, including counting methods, transparency, impartiality, initiating methods, targeted recounts, and rules for determining voter intent. CEIMN convened four nationally recognized, bipartisan authors and a blue-ribbon panel of advisors to create these key principles and best practices.

June 30, 2013 

CEIMN issues its report on Minnnesota's 2012 post-election audit.  This is CEIMN's fourth report on Minnesota's post-election audits--published every two years since 2006. Consistent with previous observations, the 2012 post-election audit was conducted in an efficient, transparent and accurate manner. Nonpartisan observers expressed high confidence in the integrity and the accuracy of the post-election audit procedures.

Mpls., MN 5/28/2013. Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota.

Last week Governor Dayton signed into law the 2013 omnibus elections bill (HF 894, Chapter 131).  This was the culmination of a bipartisan legislative process that resulted in the law’s passage in the Minnesota House 99-32, and in the Minnesota Senate 56-9.  As HF 894 passed through the committee process, it evolved to include changes that CEIMN has supported for years.