On November 22, 2016, Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota (CEIMN) completed its 6th nonpartisan observation of the post-election audits of Minnesota's voting equipment.  

CEIMN began nonpartisan audit observations in 2006 after the enactment of Minnesota legislation requiring a post-election hand count of the ballots from randomly selected precincts--a count intended to check the accuracy of the voting equipment. CEIMN observes the post-election audits because independent observers help ensure the audit's transparency, and this transparency builds public confidence in our elections.

The 2016 audit observations involved 28 observers attending audits in 17 counties.  The observations occurred at audits throughout Minnesota in counties using a variety of voting equipment. Consistent with previous observations, the audits were generally conducted in an efficient and transparent manner, and observers expressed confidence in the integrity and the accuracy of the audit procedures. Many thanks to all the dedicated volunteers and supporters for their commitment to election integrity.

The Minnesota Secretary of State’s post-election audit results are available here.  Note the report 2016 Statewide Post-Election Review Results which contains detailed results for all precincts audited.  Previous CEIMN audit observation reports along with recommendations for improvements in the audit process are available here. 

CEIMN Press Release. Nov. 30, 2016.