State Recount Laws
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The database summarizes recount laws for all fifty states and the District of Columbia providing free and easy access to everyone.  It allows voters, candidates, legislators and election officials to search and compare over 60 features of these complex laws.  Included are links to state statutes, procedure guides, administrative regulations and other helpful sources of information.

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Document image, Principles and Best Practices of Recounts

This document addresses a wide range of recount topics, including counting methods, transparency, impartiality, initiating methods, targeted recounts, and rules for determining voter intent. CEIMN convened four nationally recognized, bipartisan authors and a blue-ribbon panel of advisors to create these key principles and best practices.


 COVID-19 and Trustworthy Elections

Our elections are changing in response to COVID-19.  Verified Voting has released recommendations on election security and verification as policymakers respond the COVID-19 epidemic. The guidance includes recommendations on ballot tracking, signature verification, voter verification of ballots, ballot management and chain of custody documentation, post-election audits, extending canvassing deadlines, and more.



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