Best Practices

Document image, Principles and Best Practices of Recounts

Recount Principles and Best Practices

This document addresses a wide range of recount topics, including counting methods, transparency, impartiality, initiating methods, targeted recounts, and rules for determining voter intent. CEIMN convened four nationally recognized, bipartisan authors and a blue-ribbon panel of advisors to create these key principles and best practices.

Audits Vs. Recounts

Audits vs. Recounts: What’s the Difference?

Audits and recounts are two different post-election processes, but both are designed to build confidence in our elections. With everything going on in the post-election news cycle, Verified Voting and Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota coauthored this FAQ on the difference between an audit and a recount.

Voting News

Voting News 1

CISA flags election system threats ahead of midterms

 Susan Miller/GCN, July 15th, 2022.

To help state and local officials with election security ahead of the midterm elections, organizations are issuing advice for supply chain risks, insider threats and strengthening election systems’ cyber defenses.