November 22, 2022
CEIMN Press Release

For 2022, Minnesota law requires a post-election review (PER) of the election for the offices of U.S. Representative and Minnesota Governor. The PER is a hand count of ballots from randomly selected precincts that is compared with the results from the voting system used in those precincts.

Forty nonpartisan observers from Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota and the League of Women Voters Minnesota observed the PER in eleven counties representing the majority of ballots cast in Minnesota.  Independent observers help ensure the audit's transparency and this transparency builds public confidence in our elections.

PER results must meet the acceptable performance standards outlined in statute; otherwise, additional precincts must be reviewed.  Observers reported that there were not sufficient discrepancies to trigger further reviews in any of the 11 counties.

Election officials in all 11 counties observed conducted the PER in a professional manner.

Reports from past audit observations are available at