CEIMN issues its report on Minnnesota's 2012 Post-Election Audit

June 30, 2013 

CEIMN issues its report on Minnnesota's 2012 post-election audit.  This is CEIMN's fourth report on Minnesota's post-election audits--published every two years since 2006. Consistent with previous observations, the 2012 post-election audit was conducted in an efficient, transparent and accurate manner. Nonpartisan observers expressed high confidence in the integrity and the accuracy of the post-election audit procedures.

For the full report see: http://www.ceimn.org/sites/default/files/minnesotas_2012_post-election_…

Source URL: https://ceimn.org/news/ceimn-issues-its-report-minnnesotas-2012-post-election-audit