CEIMN Releases 2010 Recount Report

September 7, 2011

Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota released the report:  "Minnesota’s 2010 Gubernatorial
Recount Report and Recommendations." 

Highlights of Report Findings, Recommendations and Conclusion 
• The recount was conducted in an efficient, transparent and accurate manner. 
The close scrutiny confirmed that Minnesota’s election officials are
conscientious and that our voting system is solid.
• The vast majority of the observers expressed confidence in the integrity and the
accuracy of the counting process.
• Hennepin County and local election officials established a centralized recount
location and implemented rigorous and transparent procedures to ensure secure
chain of custody.
• CEIMN recommends that the recount trigger be lowered from 0.5% to 0.25%
for all federal, statewide and judicial races.

Click here for a complete copy of the report: http://ceimn.org/files/Recount%20Report%209.8.2011.pdf