Nov. 22, 2010
by Jay Weiner

"To just about everyone else, it was a jumble of humanity, boxes, ballots and partisans. It was the discouraging start of what looked like another protracted, litigious and fatiguing statewide recount.

But to mild-mannered Mark Halvorson last Monday’s Hennepin County 'post-election review' was, believe it or not, 'fun … It’s democracy in action. It’s citizens being involved in observing the voting process' he said. 

This true believer is the founder and director of Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota, a very small but extremely active and effective wonky watchdog group. From a tiny office on Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis’ Seward neighborhood, CEIMN has become a national resource for other good-government election groups and even secretaries of state around the nation...." 

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