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Keeping an eye on the machines that count Minnesotan's votes

By Helen Palmer and Mark Halvorson, St. Paul Pioneer Press

When Minnesotans are asked to raise their hands if they think our electronic voting machines accurately count their votes, almost all hands go up. However, when asked if they think votes in other states are counted accurately, only a few hands go up. Voters in our state have confidence in our voting machines.

Published Date: October 24, 2006

Election integrity not always upheld

Austin Daily Herald
Columnists: Sheila Donnelly

Published Date: September 27, 2006

Ohio Recount Op Ed

Published on Wednesday, December 29, 2004 by the Star Tribune / Minneapolis

We May Never Know What Happened in the Ohio Vote

by Mark Halvorson and Kirk Lund

The right to vote and to have each vote count is the cornerstone of democracy, but deep cracks are showing in this cornerstone.

Disturbing reports of voting irregularities in Ohio recently led nine of us from Minnesota to monitor the recount of its presidential election. The recount was not only to verify the outcome of the Ohio vote but also to ensure accountability in a flawed system.

Published Date: December 29, 2004

Recount Principles and Best Practices

This document addresses a wide range of recount topics, including counting methods, transparency, impartiality, initiating methods, targeted recounts, and rules for determining voter intent. CEIMN convened four nationally recognized, bipartisan authors and a blue-ribbon panel of advisors to create these key principles and best practices.

Minnesota’s 2013 omnibus elections bill will bring changes to audits and recounts


Mpls., MN 5/28/2013. Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota.

Last week Governor Dayton signed into law the 2013 omnibus elections bill (HF 894, Chapter 131).  This was the culmination of a bipartisan legislative process that resulted in the law’s passage in the Minnesota House 99-32, and in the Minnesota Senate 56-9.  As HF 894 passed through the committee process, it evolved to include changes that CEIMN has supported for years.