Status of Audit Legislation: 
Signed into law 2005

This information was updated in January, 2015 using the 2014 version of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) and the 2014 Washington Administrative Code (WAC).


State Summary

Signed into law 2005, the audit law in Washington applies only to DREs and requires three races to be audited. See RCW 29A.60.185. The audit results do not lead to a full recount.  Since the audit law was passed, Washington has become a vote-by-mail state where, in all counties, mailed ballots are counted centrally by optical scan voting equipment, and DREs with VVPATs are only used in vote centers. Most votes in Washington are cast with vote-by-mail ballots, and these ballots are only subject to an optional audit: “A random check of the ballot counting equipment may be conducted upon mutual agreement of the political party observers or at the discretion of the county auditor.” See RCW 29A.60.170(3).

Sampling Method: 

4% of DRE machines per county, or one DRE machine, whichever is greater.


No trigger indicated

Secretary of State
Who Conducts the Audit?: 
The County Auditor
Location of Random Selection: 
Types of Voting Machines in Use: 
DREs For more detailed information, see Verified Voting's website: http://www.verifiedvoting.org/verifier/map.php?&topic_string=5std&year=2008&state=Washington
Races that are Audited: 
Three races or issues - randomly selected
Voting Units that are Audited: 
Timeline for Audit: 

Prior to certification, which occurs fifteen days after a primary or special election and twenty-one days after a general election.

Completed Before Certification?: 


Is the Audit Publicly Observable?: