This information was updated in July 2014 using the Texas Election Code (TEC) current through August 2013.

State Summary

The audit law in Texas was originally passed in 1987, and later amended in 1993, 1997 and 2011. All items on the ballot are audited.


All statutes cited below can be found in Title 8, Chapter 127.


Additional instructions regarding audits from the Texas Secretary of State are available in the Election Advisory No. 2008-09(3)(d).

Sampling Method: 

A manual count is to be conducted "of all the races in at least one percent of the election precincts or in three precincts, whichever is greater, in which the electronic voting system was used."

Secretary of State
Who Conducts the Audit?: 
The audit is conducted by the "general custodian of election records," who reports to the Secretary of State.
Timeline for Audit: 

The audit must begin within 72 hours "after the polls close."