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This information was updated in September 2014.


Montana's audit provisions became law in 2009. While audit results are binding on official results, they do not lead to a full recount. Audits are office-specific, and include statewide, federal, and legislative contests, as well as a statewide ballot measure.

Secretary of State
Location of Random Selection: 
At least 5% of the precincts in every county, or at least 1 precinct, whichever is greater
Races that are Audited: 
For each precinct, the audit must include: "(i) one statewide office race, if any; (ii) one federal office race; (iii) one legislative office race; and (iv) one statewide ballot issue if a statewide ballot issue was on the ballot."
Voting Units that are Audited: 
Precincts are audited, but only those that use optical scan machines.
Timeline for Audit: 

The precincts to be audited must be chosen not earlier than seven days after the election but no later than nine days after the election. The audit must be completed at least one day before the official canvass.

Completed Before Certification?: 

Before certification

Do the results of the audit become the official tally?: 
Is the Audit Publicly Observable?: