Status of Audit Legislation: 
Signed into law 2005

This information was updated in May 2013.


State Summary


Signed into law in 2005, Illinois' audit law does not lead to a full recount, but it does provide for the entire ballot to be audited.  The audit is not binding upon the official election results.


There are three distinct statutes regarding audits in Illinois, each pertaining to a different voting system. Two of these, however, are nearly identical. The first is 10 ILCS 24A-15. The second is 10 ILCS 24B-15. The third is 10 ILCS 24C-15 which is also similar to the first two. Rather than cite all three statutes continuously on each point below, we have highlighted only those points where they differ from one another.

Sampling Method: 

5% of precincts - optical scan ballots are recounted by machine, and touchscreen ballots are counted by hand


If a discrepancy is found the local election officials must provide a written report to the apporpriate Canvassing Board. The causes are then investigated and referred to the proper election and law enforcement authorities.

State Board of Elections
Who Conducts the Audit?: 
County Election Officials
Location of Random Selection: 
State Board of Elections
Types of Voting Machines in Use: 
DREs and Optical Scanners For more detailed information, see Verified Voting's website:
Races that are Audited: 
Entire Ballot
Voting Units that are Audited: 
Timeline for Audit: 

Prior to certification

Completed Before Certification?: 


Do the results of the audit become the official tally?: