Status of Audit Legislation: 
Signed into law 2005

This information was updated in September, 2013.

State Summary
Signed into law 2005, Alaska's audit is conducted for the entire ballot. The audit is a hand-count of all ballots from one randomly selected precinct in each of the state’s 40 house districts that accounts for 5% of the votes cast in the district.  Audit results are binding on official results but do not lead to a full recount.

Sampling Method: 

Alaska uses a fixed percentage approach, auditing a randomly drawn precinct from each house district that accounts for at least five percent of the ballots cast in that district.


If a discrepancy greater than 1% is identified, then the Director of Elections may conduct a review of the entire district.

State Director of Elections
Who Conducts the Audit?: 
Local election officials, State Review Board Members, with appointed representatives of the political parties as observers.
Types of Voting Machines in Use: 
Primarily optical scan, some are hand counted, each precinct has one touch-screen per HAVA guidelines. For more information, see Verifed Voting's website:
Races that are Audited: 
Entire ballot
Voting Units that are Audited: 
Timeline for Audit: 

As soon as possible after the election, and no later than 16 days after the election takes place.

Do the results of the audit become the official tally?: