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This information was updated in November 2017 using the Code of Virginia (VA Code, Title 24.2).

State Summary

Signed into law in 2014, Virginia’s audit statute is not binding on the official results. The State Board is “authorized” to conduct an audit when the margin of victory between the top two candidates for each office exceeds 10 percent. All citations below are to the VA Code, Title 24.2, “Elections,” Chapter 6, 671.1.


Statutes specify that only designated observers can be present
Statutes require that audit results and data be made public

See 24.2 - 671.1(C) and (D).

Voting Systems Used: 

Mixed paper ballot and DREs without VVPAT

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Statutes specify results are not binding

See 24.2 - 671.1(B).

Addressing Discrepancies and Continuing the Audit: 

No statutory guidance for expanding the audit

Audit Comprehensiveness: 

No statutory guidance for either early, absentee or provisional ballots
No statutory guidance for ballots counted by hand on election day to be included in audit

Additional Targeted Samples: 

No statutory guidance for additional targeted samples

Contests and Issues Audited: 

Predetermined election contests or ballot issues are audited

Every contest may be audited where “the margin between the top two candidates for each office on the ballot exceeds 10 percent….”  See 24.2 - 671.1(A).

Type of Audit Units: 


The audit may be conducted on “one or more ballot scanner machines in one or more precincts in one or more localities….” See 24.2 - 671.1(A).

Counting Method: 

Hand count only

See 24.2 - 671.1(C).

Oversight and Conduct of Audit:

The State Board is authorized to conduct the audit. All audits shall be performed in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the State Board under the supervision of, and with the consent of, the local electoral board.  See 24.2 - 671.1(A) and (C).

Timeline for Audit:

See 24.2 - 671.1(B).