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Audit Laws Database Moved

Verified Voting, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization with a commitment to verifiable elections, will be hosting and maintaining the state audit laws database. Please go to the new State Audit Laws database at Verified Voting to view the most up-to-date database.

This information was updated April 26, 2016.  

Maryland recently replaced paperless DREs with optical scan voting machines for the 2016 presidential primary and general elections. For more details, visit Verified Voting.

In 2012 the Maryland Board of Elections adopted new "verification" regulations.  See the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) 33.08.05.

Note that although the verification regulations use the term "audit", the process required is essentially a poll tape review. See our audit definition here

Regarding the auditing of optical scan voting units, COMAR states: “For each precinct selected under Regulation .04, the election director shall:
(1) Obtain the totals tapes from each optical scan voting unit deployed to that precinct;
(2) In a manner and format specified by the State Administrator, aggregate the results reported on the totals tapes; and
(3) Compare those aggregated precinct results against the results for that precinct as reported by the Election Management System.”