Hawaii Recount Laws

This information was updated in May 2013 using the 2013 revised Hawaii statutes.

The only option for a recount in Hawaii is via the State Supreme Court: HRS 11-172 states: "With respect to any election, any candidate, or qualified political party directly interested, or any thirty voters of any election district, may file a complaint in the supreme court.  The complaint shall set forth any cause or causes, such as but not limited to, provable fraud, overages, or underages, that could cause a difference in the election results.  The complaint shall also set forth any reasons for reversing, correcting, or changing the decisions of the precinct officials or the officials at a counting center in an election using the electronic voting system."

A 2001 task force suggested a number of laws, but their recommendations were vetoed by the governor in 2002. For a complete report of the Elections Review Task Force click here.

Voting System Used: 

Mixed paper ballot and DREs with VVPAT

For more details, visit Verified Voting.

State Has Audit Laws: