Virginia: Paper ballots are making a comeback in Pittsylvania and Carroll Counties

March 28, 2013


In with the old out with the new in Pittsylvania County. Paper ballots are coming back after voters complained about touch screen voting booths. Voters now color in an oval beside the name of a candidate instead of touching their choice on a screen. The ballot is fed into a machine that stores it and calculates the votes. It tells operators if the person voted correctly. The county voter registrar predicts it will cause less confusion. 

“I think it will give them a little more security that they’re actually marking. A lot of people have trouble with the computer screen. Their fingers touched the wrong one then you have to go back and touch that to take it off,” said Jenny Lee Sanders.

Voters will first use the new machines during the primary this summer. Carroll County in Southwestern Virginia is using paper ballots this year too.