Oregon: Portland tech firm Galois spins out new company to make elections more secure | Portland Business Journal

May 18, 2016

Portland computer science research and development firm Galois is taking aim at election security with its latest spin-off, Free & Fair. The new wholly-owned subsidiary is run by elections security researcher Joseph Kiniry, who two years ago illustrated how easy it is to hack vote-by-email systems, and is based on technology developed by Galois. To start, Free & Fair has three products:
A tabulator, which is a secure and verifiable ballot scanning system.The ePollbook, which is a scalable and secure electronic poll book for precincts and county voting centers.A supervised voting system, which is a complete polling place system based on the STAR-Vote project. That project is a collaboration between academia and Travis County (Austin), Texas to create a secure, reliable and auditable voting system.

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