Ohio: Aging voting machines could jeopardize elections, officials say | The Columbus Dispatch

February 13, 2014

Across much of the country, voters are casting ballots at voting machines with expired warranties or outdated components. For the next election, these machines will likely suffice, but these decade-old machines could fail in the next few years. The problem is two-fold: Many Ohio counties say they do not have the money to purchase replacements for their 2005-era machines, and anyway, there’s little incentive for them to update. Voting-machine technology hasn’t advanced much since the federal government last revised its certification standards — in 2005. The Presidential Commission on Election Administration, appointed by President Barack Obama last year, called the aging of first-generation voting machines as an impending crisis. There’s nothing to panic about today, but we ought not to wait until there’s a major breakdown in an election to act,” said Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, in charge of running elections for the state’s 7.7 million voters.

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