Missouri: Voting Bill Shows Need For New Election Machines, Franklin County Clerk Says | The Missourian

January 8, 2014

Franklin County Clerk Debbie Door said a voting bill in the upcoming legislative session regarding paper ballots demonstrates the need for the county’s new election equipment. There has been a push in recent years to go to paper ballots, but finding the funding has been a problem, she said. With the county’s new machines, there will now be paper ballots for all the election results, Door said. The county commission recently purchased new election machines for $414,322 after Door said the equipment was needed. Paper ballots are useful when it comes to auditing elections, officials say.

Door said Franklin County already audits a sample of precincts in which paper ballots are hand counted and compared to the machine counts. That could not be done with the county’s old touch-screen machines for handicapped voters since those votes just went into the machine.

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