Minnesota: State One Step Closer to Having Emergency Election Plan | KSTP-TV

January 4, 2016

Right now, if a natural disaster or other major issue happens when Minnesotans head out to vote, there‚Äôs no emergency plan in place.Minnesota is now one step closer to being prepared for an election day emergency. The Elections Emergency Planning Task Force is a group of 14 members consisted of election officials, and experts when it comes to emergency planning. Over the course of six meetings last year, they made a few recommendations. 

First, the state and each county has to have their own emergency plan in place. The Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State will take care of everything on the state level. Meanwhile, for the county, an election official and a member of the emergency management office will draft the plan.

These plans must address three things including the needs of voters with disabilities, ballot security and the process of re-locating a polling place in case of an emergency.

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