Illinois: Big election night errors discovered in Champaign County |

April 1, 2014

A lengthy retabulation of the March 18 primary results in Champaign County uncovered major discrepancies in some unofficial vote totals reported on election night. In the uncontested race for 13th Congressional District Democratic Central Committeewoman, for example, Jayne Mazotti of Taylorville now has 5,284 votes — rather than the 450 votes with which she was credited on March 18. In another race — for 15th Congressional District Democratic Central Committeeman — Brandon Phelps had 517 votes, not the 574 votes he was credited with on election night. The badly erroneous election results all were in the Democratic Party primary and all in uncontested races where there was just one candidate for one position. They were the result, said Champaign County Clerk Gordy Hulten, of a flaw in the design of the Democratic ballot. A one-inch white space apparently caused tabulators to misread votes cast in all the races below that spot, affecting vote totals in the uncontested races for 13th and 15th Congressional District committeeman; the 13th and 15th Congressional District committeewoman; and all precinct committeeman races.