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Iowa county elections officials oppose bill to require photo ID to vote

February 13, 2011

by Jennifer Jacos,

A proposed requirement that Iowans show a photo identification in order to vote would be expensive, would pinch voter turnout — and is unnecessary, several county election officials said Monday.

“We already have a very secure elections process. It doesn’t seem to make good sense in tough economic times to increase the costs and make it more difficult to vote,” said Tom Slockett, Johnson County’s 34-year elections chief. “It could be a chilling factor to people who aren’t real motivated to vote anyway.”

Coalition Releases Audit Report on CT August Primary:

October 13, 2008

Raises concerns with audit credibility and potential problems for November post-election audit

Hartford, Connecticut –Today, the Connecticut Citizen Election Audit Coalition released a report summarizing the observations of 46 citizen observers at 27 state-mandated post-election audits conducted by local officials following the August primary election. In its 3rd observation report, the Coalition noted continuing improvements in procedures and compliance, while finding additional areas of concern.

Big Presidential Vote Count Error Found and Fixed in New Mexico

October 3, 2008

A test in Santa Fe County finds and fixes an error that could have cost Democrats thousands of votes

by Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

An electronic voting machine test in Santa Fe County, New Mexico, on Friday revealed a programming error that, had it not been caught and corrected before the start of early voting next week, would not have counted hundreds -- or possibly thousands -- of votes for president and U.S. Senate in this Democratic stronghold.

Paper ballot deal disappoints

June 8, 2008

by Catherine DolinskiThe Tampa Tribune

TALLAHASSEE — What's the use of paper ballots if no one looks at them? That is the question that election watchdogs continue to press, even as the state's election supervisors race to implement the 2007 election law requiring every Florida county to vote on paper ballots.

Maryland Funds New Voting System

April 5, 2008

By      Yesterday the Maryland General Assembly approved the Fiscal Year 2009 budget, including funding to move Maryland by 2010 to a less expensive, recountable voting system based on optically scanned paper ballots. This highly popular switch, favored by nearly two thirds of voters statewide, was enacted last year in matching bills sponsored by Sen. Edward Kasemeyer (D - Baltimore and Howard Counties) and Del.

Editorial - Unreliable Voting in New Jersey

March 21, 2008

New York Times

Voters nationwide have seen that electronic voting cannot be trusted, and New Jerseyans are the latest to learn this unfortunate lesson. It is now clear that the state’s machines produced suspicious results in the Feb. 5 presidential primary. Rather than working to put doubts to rest, the machines’ manufacturer is resisting a proper inquiry. New Jersey needs to quickly get to the bottom of the problem to ensure voters that in November their ballots will be counted accurately.

Iowa Citizen Groups Applaud Paper Ballot Legislation

March 20, 2008

By Common Cause and Iowans for Voting Integrity      Press Release - Iowans for Voting Integrity and Common Cause applauded the state House of Representatives' passage of Senate File 2347 Thursday night by a 92-6 vote. The bill requires all counties to use optical scan voting systems in the November election. Last week, the measure passed the Iowa Senate 47-1.

Election-machine problems spur call for study

March 11, 2008

Independent analysis requested after lack of explanation from Sequoia
BY DIANE C. WALSHStar-Ledger Staff

New Jersey's county clerks remain troubled by the errors uncovered in the February presidential primary election, and yesterday a statewide association representing the clerks called for an independent study of the state's voting machines.

Machines get vote of no confidence after errors in primary

February 19, 2008

Star-Ledger Staff

As Union County Clerk Joanne Rajoppi tried to verify returns in this month's historic presidential primary, she kept coming up with errors for a handful of voting machines.

The numbers from the cartridges that print out vote tallies and the paper-tape backup within the machine didn't match. Rajoppi asked her colleagues in other counties to perform the same test, and similar problems were found in voting machines for Bergen, Gloucester, Middlesex and Ocean counties.

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