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Voting Blogs: Paper Trail: South Carolina’s Problematic DRE Voting Machines | State of Elections

October 21, 2013

Last November, Richland County residents seeking to participate in local elections encountered an unanticipated hindrance at polling stations: stagnant lines of voters unable to cast their ballots because of malfunctioning voting machines. The lines reportedly were so outrageous that some residents had to wait upwards of seven hours to vote. Many voters grew impatient and left polling stations without submitting a ballot. Moreover, the disarray was hardly confined to election day.

California: County leaders settle dispute over charges for recounting ballots of Riverbank election | Modesto Bee

October 20, 2013

Stanislaus County leaders have dismissed the balance owed for the recount of the Riverbank mayoral election of 2012. County officials entered an agreement last month with former mayor Virginia Madueño to dismiss a remaining balance of $3,250, with neither side admitting fault. After Madueño lost by 53 votes to Richard O’Brien last year, one of her supporters asked for the Dec. 10 recount, which was stopped after five hours because the results were not changing.

Michigan: Cost of recounts soars in legislation passed by Michigan House | Detroit Free Press

September 20, 2013

Asking for a recount of an election could get a whole lot more expensive under a bill passed by the state House of Representatives on Thursday. Currently, a candidate requesting a recount must pay $10 per precinct to get a recount underway.

New Jersey: Appeals court orders more review of voting machines | Associated Press

September 17, 2013

A state appeals court on Monday upheld New Jersey’s use of electronic voting machines, but the judges expressed serious concerns about possible human error and ordered further review of the state’s safeguards. Monday’s ruling, which upheld a lower court decision, is the latest in a legal battle dating back to 2004 when state Assemblyman Reed Gusciora and others sued over the state’s use of the machines.

New York: Elections Board Rings In the Old, as Lever Machines Replace Scanners | New York Times

September 9, 2013

Dented, dinged and dated, New York’s battleship-gray lever voting machines have been hauled out of retirement because the city can’t seem to get the hang of electronic voting.Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for news and conversation. The board is using the lever machines for the coming primary elections because of their quicker turnaround. About 5,100 old machines, each weighing more than 800 pounds and made of 20,000 parts, have been lubricated, and the names of candidates from 2009 (Michael R.

Wisconsin: Election bills raise concerns | Wisconsin Radio Network

September 3, 2013

Legislation proposed by a Republican lawmaker is raising some issues for groups that seek to promote voting rights in Wisconsin. Andrea Kaminski with the League of Women Voters says under terms of one of the bills from state Senator Mary Lazich (R-New Berline), if a busy poll worker forgets to ask a voter to sign the poll book, another ballot could be “drawn down” in the case of a recount. “You could sign the poll book, do everything right, but nontheless, if a poll worker forgot to ask someone else to sign the poll book, your ballot could be removed,” Kaminski says.

Detroit Follow-up: State to Re-Tally Disputed Write-in Votes

August 26, 2013

The Michigan Board of State Canvassers will meet on Tuesday, August 27 to continue and complete the canvass of the Detroit primary. The resolution of the write-in votes will likely take a few days. The county is given 14 days to canvass and if they fail to complete the canvass, the canvass by operation of law is transferred to the Board of State Canvassers.

Making a Hash of It: Detroit's Write-in Ballots Roil Mayoral Primary

August 21, 2013

The winner of Detroit's recent nonpartisan mayoral primary is in doubt after Wayne County officials refused to certify a set of returns that omit about 20,000 write-in votes for the apparent winner - because they were not tallied properly by poll workers.


Ohio: Senator’s proposal would allow Ohioans to register to vote through online system | Cleveland Plain Dealer

August 13, 2013

A Republican senator wants to make voter registration available online, a move he says will make voting more accessible to Ohioans while also saving money for boards of election across the Buckeye State. Sen. Frank LaRose introduced his plan Thursday.

New Report: Wisconsin's Post-Election Voting-Machine Audit Practices

August 13, 2013

Election Integrity Action Team of the Wisconsin Grassroots Network issues report: Wisconsin's Post-Election Voting Machine Audit Practices.

Full text of the report:

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