Observation Report - Review of Improperly Rejected Absentee Ballots in Hennepin County, Dec. 31st, 7:19PM

A total of 329 improperly rejected absentee ballots will be reviewed by in Hennepin Co. The observer was present for the review of 77 ballots from 3 cities - Bloomington (38), Brooklyn Center (2) and Brooklyn Park (37). Of these, 56 ballots were accepted and 21 were rejected.

The following process was conducted for each city. Election officials first reviewed the list of names of voters whose absentee ballots had been rejected. Representatives from the Coleman and Franken campaigns then indicated whether they would: 1. accept the ballot, 2. object and state a reason for their objection or 3. need more information. Next, the party representatives were allowed to inspect, but not touch the ballot envelopes and registration materials. Note: the ballots themselves have not yet been inspected.