MN Recount Report: Robbinsdale (Hennepin), November 20th, 7:40pm (FULL STORY)

The observer reported this afternoon that the original count for Ward 1 came up very short. The first theory was that perhaps one of the ward boxes was mis-marked, but the officials checked and all the ward boxes were correctly marked.

The observer reports that the officials then looked in the vault and found a box labeled 'unused ballots'. The observer learned the following through a secondary source: the box had some unused ballots as well as the missing Ward 1 ballots. By the time the ballots were brought to the counting room, the unused ballots had already been removed. The count, including the missing box, came up very close to the election night numbers.

The observer reports that during the entire process, the Supervisor of the recount ran a "good ship". Everything was done in a well organized and deliberate manner with plenty of forethought.