MN Recount Report: Ramsey, November 20th, 10:12am

Observer estimated that yesterday in Ramsey County there were between 75 – 100 people in the room (55 of which were at the tables participating in the recount). Each table received a box of ballots from a different precinct, which varied in size from around 1,000 to a couple thousand ballots. Each precinct box was sealed when it arrived and was unsealed on the table by the workers. The county or city worker then took a stack of ballots and begins sorting them into different piles, one for Franken, one for Coleman, one for other (which includes all other candidates and blank), and one for challenges.

The observer reports that after all the ballots were sorted and counted into stacks of 25, they would count the number of stacks of 25 to determine the number of votes cast for each candidate. The challenged ballots were placed in a separate envelope to be turned over to the commission in charge of the recount process. The boxes were then resealed and sent back to the secure storage where they will be kept for another two years.

The observer stated that they feeling proud of the transparency of the process in Minnesota.