MN Recount Report: Ramsey, December 2nd, 12:45pm

In Maplewood, P-6, the head counter reported they were 132 ballots over after several counts. Note, just minutes ago in an interview with MPR, Joe Manksy, Director of Elections for Ramsey County reported they found 171 ballots that weren't counted on election day. They discovered that an optical scan machine broke down in this precinct during Election Day and had to be replaced. The officials believe that the ballots that had been scanned and stored in the machine prior to it breaking down, were not run through the new optical scanner. Both campaigns gained votes in this precinct.

In Maplewood precinct 4, the officials were two ballots short after the first count. The two ballots were found in a separate, secured, stack of envelopes. The City Clerk for Maplewood explained that absentee ballots were delivered late in several precincts in Maplewood - these ballots were added to the count on Wednesday, November 5th. While the two found ballots gave this precinct the correct total number of ballots, the count was still off for the Senate race. One campaign gained two votes, one campaign lost on vote, and the "other" category lost one vote. The officials counted the precinct three times. They could not determine why the count was off and both campaigns agreed to end the count for this precinct.

Finally, the observer reports that Ramsey County will finish its recount this afternoon.