MN Recount report: Mower County, November 24th, 4:39PM

The observer reports that both campaigns felt that the county auditor was not properly accepting their challenges. The observer gave the following example that she was able to see clearly: a ballot was marked with an X on the oval next to a US Senate candidate. This ballot did not have any of the other ovals filled in for a US Senate candidate. The observer reported a party representative challenged this ballot. The challenger felt the X indicated voter intent for their party's candidate. The county auditor said the challenge was "frivolous" and would not place the ballot in the challenged ballot pile, but rather he placed the ballot in the "other" pile which meant the ballot didn't count for either Franken or Coleman.

The observer reported that later on a similar situation happened to a representative from the other party. The observer was only able to get a partial view of this ballot.

The observer followed protocols and contacted CEIMN staff immediately. After speaking with the observer, CEIMN Director Mark Halvorson called the MN SOS office immediately and passed along this report.

CEIMN will continue to monitor this situation.