MN Recount Report: Mille Lacs, November 20th, 10:23am

They're underway again here in Milaca. Today is the Minnesota State Senate District 16 race recount - Alison Krueger (R) vs. Lisa Fobbe (DFL). There is no incumbent, as Sen. Betsy Wergin (R) is retiring. Candidate Lisa Fobbe (DFL) is here in person at the recount.

Today should go faster than yesterday, because they will be counting more than one stack of ballots at a time. Yesterday, in the Minnesota State House District 16A race recount, a lawyer representing one of the candidates asked that each counting team count only one stack of 25 ballots at a time, so that the candidate representatives could count along with them. This doubled the time that the recount took to complete. The candidate representatives today said it was OK to count more than one stack of 25 ballots at a time. In addition, the counting teams are conducting the recount with the ballots facing the candidate representatives (who are sitting across the table from the counters) in order to give them the best possible look at the ballots.