MN Recount Report: Becker County, November 24th, 9:59PM

The observer reports that this was the first day of the recount in Becker County where 3691 ballots (roughly 20%) were counted out of a total 18,093 ballots.

The big news at the opening of the recount was an announcement by county auditor Ryan Tangen that 64 ballots were not counted on election night. The ballots were received by the county auditor and stored in the secure ballot area but, through an oversight, were not counted. Of the 64 ballots, 3 were rejected for invalid voter registration issues. The remaining 61 ballots are a mixture of absentee ballots and those from a number of precincts, including 7 from Shell Lake Township (my precinct) where 130 total votes were cast.

The county auditor informed the observer that he consulted with the the Becker county attorney, the Secretary of State and the Minnesota Attorney General to determine the proper procedure to follow. The auditor then secured the ballots in a separate envelope and they will be incorporated separately into the recount when the counting resumes tomorrow. Both parties were notified of this matter before the day's recount began. The auditor also verified that the ballots did not affect the outcomes of local school, city, county or legislative races.