MN Recount Observer Report Sherburne County, Nov. 26th, 4:21PM

The observer arrived about 8:15AM and stayed until 5PM yesterday, 11/25. The counting started about 8:45AM. He reported there were six counting tables. He was able to see the ballots clearly only at three tables and the other three were 15 to 20 feet away. The observer reported the following: there were very few challenges in the early morning and through early afternoon. Around 2PM the number of challenges escalated dramatically at the table closest to him. One precinct along (Zimmerman precinct 2), had 35 challenges from one party and 22 from the other party out of 1,132 total ballots cast. The observer was able to see all of the ballots challenged from one party and could see nothing wrong with them. He was only able to see a few ballots from the other challenger and those ballots also appeared to have nothing wrong with them. The number of challenges from all the other tables seemed to escalate at this time. An election official informed the observer that 18 precincts had been counted at the time he left.

Note: at the state canvass board meeting this morning, a Sherburne County election official reported there were 801 challenges out of about 30,000 counted so far.