MN Recount Report: Becker County Update, Nov. 25th, 5:35PM

The observer just reported the full story in Becker County. This morning 32 ballots (not 35 ballots as we earlier reported) were missing from one precinct and 14 ballots were missing from another precinct. Officials first checked the supply box in the same secured room as the ballots, but they did not find the missing ballots. Next, the officials contacted city officials and sent county representatives to the township halls in both precincts. The ballots were located in locked ballot boxes under the optical scan voting machines in both township halls.

These missing ballots were counted and added to the recount total. The two parties could not challenge the ballots because challenges can only involve voter intent. Therefore, officials set the ballots aside in a sealed envelope in case there is a question about chain of custody later.

The observer also reported that late in the day 9 ballots were missing. The election officials were in the middle of a search for these ballots when the observer had to leave.